40 Years to Life

Life as we know it.....

A little information about us.  

George is the "man".  Over forty years ago he had a spark of an idea.  His love of bluegrass music was so passionate and heartfelt that he wanted to put on a traditional bluegrass festival in the area of his hometown, Midland, Michigan.  

It seemed like a wonderful idea to have a festival, but it could not practically be housed in his back yard or garage, like he had done for so many years. So...The first order of business to find a location that the festival could grow, build and thrive, a place to call home.  After searching for some time, he found 40 acres in Oil City, close enough to his residence and large enough to provide the room he needed to grow.

The land was bare of buildings, an overgrowth of trees and needed a lot of work to become the dream he envisioned. It was definitely going to take a lot of work and cost a lot of money for his dream to come true.

He shared his dream with others and over time and with help from family and friends, the grounds grew and he adapted it to the needs of his venture.  Each day after a full day of work  and a quick dinner, it was back to the grounds to work until late or until the mosquitos drove you off. A true labor of love.

He decided he needed a staging area that encompassed comfortable lawn seating with trees for shade. The building also needed to have showers, flush toilets, a kitchen, a walk-in cooler, and indoor seating  in case of rain. And wouldn't it be nice to have hangar doors that could open to expose the lawn or close in case of inclement weather. The stage needed to be large, larger than the usual hay wagon that doubled as a stage at most festivals. The stage needed to be roomy enough for the artists to move around without tripping over cords and crashing into one another while trying to perform.

A camping area needed to have power and water to accommodate camping units and tents.  An area that was comfortable for campers and provided enough space so the guests didn't feel like sardines in a can.

Shortly after the purchase of the land, a young woman came into his life. George had known Kris for some time and they enjoyed each other's company. It wasn't until Jeanne Fitzner boldly announced that the two of them should be a couple that either of them considered a romantic involvement.

Almost 40 years ago, they married, blending their families and ideas.  They have been working together to provide you, faithful fan, with a unique festival experience that is fun for the whole family.