During  my engagement to George, I  suspected another woman was attempting to lure my future husband away from me. She seemed to constantly be lurking in the background. Even after we married, she was always present. She showed up at my home, at the campground while we were working, made her way into our vehicles, invited herself to dinner, she presented herself on our vacations and even made it into our bedroom. It seemed no matter where we were, she made her presence known. My husband adored her.  She captivated him, calmed him, intrigued him and touched him in a way I could not. I had no doubt that he was in love with her and it was apparent, although he may not have realized it, he had been for a very long time. It was obvious that I would never completely capture his heart unless I learned to love her too. She was seductive and I began to realize, she was impossible to resist. I had come to understand that George had met and fallen in love with her when he was a child. He was deeply enamored with her constantly changing mood.  The lilt in her voice haunted me and crept into my life and even my dreams. I had to learn to share my beloved George with this other woman. She was his passion, but I knew he loved me and jealousy had no place in our life. However, our marriage had become a threesome. The other woman's name was Bluegrass and Lady Bluegrass had stolen George's heart.

My love of Lady Bluegrass blossomed after I met all the other people at the Salt River Festival.  They had also fallen in love with the temptress. She introduced me to my best friends, wonderful acquaintances and brought me into a world I deeply loved. I too was falling in love with the seductress. 

Years later my devastation from losing George was palpable. But guess what? My dear friends, those Bluegrass lovers, picked me up, stood beside me, found all the little pieces that were once me and put me back together again. They had my back during a time  I was crushed. They checked on me regularly, made sure the campground was taken care of in the way George would have wanted, and kept me from sinking into the depths of despair. As a matter of fact, this amazing group of friends have devoted their lives to me in a way I can never repay. My deepest love and gratitude goes out to them and I love them as much George did. He would be honored if he knew how wonderfully they have cared for me and assisted in carrying on his vision, that undying passion. I would like to publicly thank them. They encouraged me to go on, to continue his vision They have helped me take each step and every  breath. Devoted their weekends and any other available time to helping me get the grounds ready and prepare for the 41ST ANNUAL SALT RIVER BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL. Without this group of diehard friends we would not be celebrating at this years festival. Expect to be introduced to them at the festival this year. They are my cheering squad!

Growth & Changes

The exciting news is, we are revamping everything we can. It will be a slow process, but it is progressing. We are working on cleaning, painting, reconsidering storage options and generally trying to continue on with Georges' vision,

This year's festival will  begin with a new concept to Salt River. We will be asking for musicians to sign up to be randomly selected to form a new group. The new group will have several hours to practice, then perform just 3 songs for everyone in attendance. We will need a minimum of 3 groups and will judge the groups  by audience appeal, We will award cash prizes to the first 3 places. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other musicians in attendance. It will also promote crowd participation for your favorite musician. 

Our Invitation To You......

We invite you to give us your suggestions and ideas. Some of the best things we implement come from your thoughts and suggestions. Drop us an email or stop by the campground.